Frequently Asked Questions

Why the need for Employ Migrants Services?

The Australian Bureau of statistics’ (ABC) characteristics of Recent Migrants Survey (November 2013) found that the national unemployment rate for recent skilled migrants is seven per cent, compared with 5.4 percent for people born in Australia. Challenges faced by skilled migrants in obtaining appropriate employment include:

  • 1. Unfamiliarity with Australian recruitment practice including resume presentation application process and interviews
  • 2. Employers preference for people who have Australian work experience and qualifications
  • 3. Difficulty obtaining recognition for qualification gained overseas
  • 4. Ower levels of language ability
  • 5. Lack of awareness or access to professional and employment networks
  • 6 Lack of knowledge of the local labour market
  • 7. Lack of understanding of the Australia work culture
  • 8. Discrimination in the labour market.

Employ Migrants services are provided to reduce underemployment and unemployment rate among skilled migrants in Australia through provision of its services to address employment challenges listed above.

How is Employ Migrants different from other programs to assist Skilled Migrants?
  • 1. Employ Migrants is a service, not a course. Clients will have access to workshops, seminars and one-to-one support tailored to their needs.
  • 2. Employ Migrants services are provided by Skilled Migrants who has experienced the challenges, overcome them and committed to helping underemployed and unemployed Skilled Migrants secured employment that are commensurate with their qualifications, skills and experience.
  • 3. Employ Migrants clients will have access to personal and professional development articles, events and job opportunities posted online on Skilled Migrant professionals of Australia magazine website, digital magazine and mobile application
Can Employ Migrants get me a job in my profession?

Employ Migrants is not a recruitment agent. Your success in finding a job in Australia depends on a number of factors. Employ Migrants role is to provide its clients with services that would dramatically enhance their ability to secure their first job in Australia or develop their careers once they’ve become established.

How much support can Employ Migrants offer?

Employ Migrants service packages can be customised to suit different client’s needs. Our goal is to assist you as much as we can. During the initial consultation, we will help you to select the most appropriate service for your needs.

Is Employ Migrants services provided online or face to face?

Employ Migrants Australian office is in Western Australia, and you are welcome to make an appointment and come in if it is convenient for you. For those living overseas we can arrange online meeting for those planning to come to Australia.

Will Employ Migrants introduce me to employment agents/Employers?

Yes. We can introduce you to both employment agents and potential employers from your industry with whom you can speak to regarding employment opportunities or industry placement.

Can Employ Migrants assist with immigration matters?

No, you need to seek advice from a registered migration agent or the Department of Immigration. Employ Migrants can refer you to a migration agent.

Do I need a residency in Australia to do a work placement?

You must have a valid visa that allows you to work in Australia before we can arrange a work placement for you.

How do I find an industry placement?

An Employ Migrants career consultant will take you through the process which begins with you identifying the actual companies you did like to target. There are several ways to obtain a placement in Australia. We will introduce you to any of our partners for industry placement when you arrive in Australia.

Can I get a job in Australia if I don’t have Permanent Residence?

Yes you can get a job without a PR as long as you have working rights. But some employers may prefer applicants with PR.

Can I access Employ Migrants services if I am not a Permanent Residence?

Yes, but you visa subclass may influence your ability to find a work placement or paid work. This can be discuss with you before you decide to use our services

Why should I do a placement if there is no guarantee for a job?

The work placement will provide you with the important local Australia work experience which is highly valued in Australia. If you are not offered employment by the host employer, you would be able to use the host employer has a referee when you apply for jobs.

Will I get a job after an industry placement?

The employer does not have any obligation to offer you a job at the end of your work placement, nor should you have an expectation that you will be offered a job.

Can you help me find unskilled paid work to help me pay bills while I am looking for professional employment?

Employ Migrant can assist you to find unskilled paid work, but it is not main role. Our services are designed to assist you in securing a professional job in Australia.

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